Book Chapters

H. Towles, T. Johnson, H. Fuchs, "Projector Based Displays." The PSI Handbook of Virtual Environments for Training and Education. Vol 2 Ed. Denise Nicholson, Dylan Schmorrow, and Joseph Cohn. Westport: Praeger Security International, 2009. 63-89



T. Johnson, G. Welch, H. Fuchs, E. La Force, H. Towles, "A Distributed Cooperative Framework for Continuous Multi-Projector Pose Estimation" Proceedings IEEE VR 2009, Lafayette, LA, March, 2009 (pdf | slides | video)

T. Johnson, H. Fuchs, "A Unified Multi-Surface, Multi-Resolution Workspace with Camera-Based Scanning and Projector-Based Illumination" Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments/Immersive Projection Technology Workshop 2007 , Weimar, Germany, July, 2007 (pdf | slides | video)

T. Johnson, H. Fuchs, "Real-Time Projector Tracking on Complex Geometry Using Ordinary Imagery" ProCams 2007, Minneapolis, MN, June, 2007 (pdf | slides | video)
Honorable Mention for Best Paper Award

T. Johnson, F. Gyarfas, R. Skarbez, H. Towles, H. Fuchs, "A Personal Surround Environment: Projective Display with Correction for Display Surface Geometry and Extreme Lens Distortion" Proceedings IEEE VR 2007, Charlotte, NC, Mar, 2007 (pdf | slides | video)

P. Quirk, T. Johnson, R. Skarbez, H. Towles, F. Gyarfas, H. Fuchs, "RANSAC-Assisted Display Model Reconstruction for Projective Display" Proceedings Emerging Display Technologies 2006, Alexandria, VA, Mar, 2006 (pdf)

Non Peer-Reviewed

T. Johnson, D. McAllister, "Real-Time Stereo Imaging of Gaseous Phenomena" Proceedings Electronic Imaging 2005, San Jose, CA, Jan, 2005 (pdf)


T. Johnson, F. Gyarfas, R. Skarbez, P. Quirk, H. Towles, H. Fuchs, "Multi-Projector Image Correction on the GPU" Proceedings EDGE Workshop 2006, Chapel Hill, NC, May, 2006 (pdf)

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